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Pond Replaced with Pondless® Waterfall

Every gray cloud has a silver lining and in this homeowner's case, this proved to be true. In June 2011 a tornado swept through town destroying several large trees surrounding the homeowner's pond. Her once shady backyard was now flooded with sunshine, which didn't play well with her shade-loving plants in and around the pond. To make a long story short, the homeowner decided to replace her pond with a Pondless® Waterfall using Missouri Limestone. The waterfall is near the original location of the pond, but was brought a bit closer to the house. She had the patio enlarged at the same time and is thrilled with her remodeled backyard. Despite the tornado damage to the trees, she loves her new landscaping that features the Pondless® Waterfall, which better suits her lifestyle today. She can still hear the sound of the waterfalls through her bedroom window, and loves the fact she can turn off the falls when out of town.

Pond and Waterfall Playground (Marra)

This homeowner always wanted a koi pond and that's exactly what he got, plus a little more, after visiting Aquascape Designs' Water Gardening Store. He invited construction manager Brian Helfrich to his home for a pond consultation and after Brian eyed the sloping lot, he knew just the right application for the homeowner's landscape. A beautiful koi pond flows right up to the patio where 3 basalt fountain columns splash playfully. The pond empties into a waterfall that wraps around the back of the house, complete with an Irish bridge to entice further exploring. A rainwater harvesting system rounds out this backyard graced with a water feature extraordinaire. Although the pond was Dad's idea, the water feature has become the dream of the entire family. Mom claims the pond and waterfall are better than any playground in the area, keeping the kids and their friends occupied for hours. Of course, Mom and Dad love entertaining on the patio and enjoy pondside meals whenever possible. At night, the couple can peacefully fall asleep to the sound of the waterfalls located right outside their bedroom window.

Waterfront View from Every Room

At this water gardener's home, every room has a view ... a waterfront view to be specific. Cool Aqua Blue stones frame a refreshing Pondless® Waterfall dotted with impatiens and fringed with lush greenery. This backyard oasis is an enticing solution to a yard suffering from frequent flooding. The waterfall and impressive landscaping can be seen from all back windows of this split-level home. The homeowners love entertaining on their New York blue stone patio, nestled comfortably beside their beloved water feature. What started as an inkling of an idea in 2002, became paradise realized in 2009 when they connected with the right person for the job ... Brian Helfrich of Aquascape Designs.

30'x13' Pond, Two Waterfalls and a Stream

Who needs to go on vacation when you have a yard like this homeowner? These homeowners initially envisioned a small water feature in their yard ... and well, one thing led to another and now they're the proud owners of a 30'x13' pond with two waterfalls and a stream that lazily winds its way around an island to a second 10-foot round pond with yet another waterfall cascading into a gravel basin. Hostas and ostrich ferns hug the water feature at every twist and turn. Koi dart in and out of the cool, rippling water while an old hand pump fountain spills into a whiskey barrel before overflowing into the pond. The homeowners enjoy lounging in their Adirondack chairs near the fire pit by the pond's edge, and are especially fond of velvet-draped evenings when they enjoy the shimmer and sparkle of pond and landscape lighting.

Queen of the Royal Pond

Make no mistake. 19-year old Goldie is the queen of this royal pond, swimming below the surface of the water as she glides up to greet the homeowners near the feeding spot off the deck. Her 30-inch, 20 lb. golden finned body moves quickly and creates waves as the other koi jockey for position at feeding time. This homeowner is an avid gardener, while his brother enjoys animals of all kinds, and their backyard sanctuary is a testament to both of these pleasures. You can't see the entire pond from any one location in the yard; rather, it weaves its way for 70 feet among the plants and trees. Lingering in this landscape, you'd never know you were smack dab in the middle of suburbia. The brothers enjoy countless hours feeding their fish and watching birds of all sorts bathe in the gentle stream.

Helfrich Pond

Truly a labor of love, the Helfrich water feature was installed by Certified Aquascape Contractors from across the country. Mossy, craggy rocks create a rugged waterfall display that spills into a languid pond flowing under a floating gazebo. A small waterfall gracefully empties into a pebble beach where the Helfrich children and their friends delight in playing for hours on end. Jeanne and Brian treasure the nature lessons learned by their children as they explore this magnificent ecosystem brushed across their landscape. An outdoor kitchen with large patio completes this unique outdoor living space. Kick your shoes off and linger for longer than a moment so you can take in all the sights and sounds of this stunning oasis.

Reineke Pond

Lucky for Rich, his nephew just happens to be Brian Helfrich, construction manager for Aquascape Designs. His 336 square-foot pond showcases multiple waterfalls and an 18-foot stream. Like most pond owners, Rich was hooked on the water garden lifestyle soon after his pond was installed, and it wasn't long before he called Brian back to make the pond bigger and deeper. A landscaper himself, he enjoys adding new plants in and around the pond each year. Perennials, hostas, impatiens, waterlilies, water lettuce, unique evergreens, and a massive Maple tree all contribute to the beauty and splendor of the Reineke pond. Rich especially loves the fish and looks forward to feeding and interacting with them after a long day's work.

Multiple RainXchange® fed Waterfalls

These homeowners have been proud owners of a water feature for more than 20 years. They love the sight and sound of running water in the landscape, and these handy do-it-yourselfers tackle projects on their own. A couple years ago, they added fountain rocks to their front entry. While most people crave water in the landscape during the summer months, it was actually the beautiful ice formations in winter that prompted these homeowners to add the showy fountain to their home. The homeowners saw the fountain rocks at a home show, covered in ice, and fell in love. After having Aquascape install the front fountain, they decided it was time to have a professional spruce up their backyard waterfall, as well. A 15-foot Pondless® Waterfall was brought up close to the patio so the homeowners could listen to it from both their patio and sunroom. What you won't see at the homeowner's residence is the sub-surface RainXchange® rainwater harvesting system that stores up to 500 gallons of rainwater captured off the roof. The rainwater is housed below the waterfall and is re-circulated up and over the rocks to filtrate it further. This homeowner already has 3 rain barrels on her property so upgrading the waterfall to a rainwater harvesting system was an easy choice. Although the homeowners don't have a second summer home, they feel they have one in their own backyard with the beauty of their cascading waterfall.

26'x26' Watery Playground (Schultz)

If crystal clear water is what you seek in a water feature, then look no further than this water gardener's ecosystem pond. Naturally balanced and low-maintenance to boot, you'll have no problem watching large, colorful koi dart in and out of aquatic plants, fully enjoying their 26'x26' watery playground dotted with islands along its expanse. Multiple waterfalls provide necessary aeration to keep the pond fish healthy and happy. A boggy area assists in the filtration of water and lush landscaping creates a tempting haven for small, terrestrial and aerial critters. Nature never stops moving at this oasis and provides countless hours of entertainment for humans who take delight in its endless joy.


25-foot Pondless® Waterfall

They say variety is the spice of life and spice is exactly what this homeowner was looking for when she turned a critical eye to her backyard. Her brother-in-law is acquainted with an Aquascape employee and suggested this homeowner try incorporating a water feature into the landscape design. Once she started thinking and talking about it, she had to make it a reality. Her yard now boasts a 25-foot Pondless® Waterfall and stream that bounces down a slight hill to a lower patio. Stone steps descend along the waterfall/stream and a stone bridge beckons you to traverse to the other side. The homeowners enjoy lounging on the patio when the sun sets, listening to the crackle of the fire pit and watching the fireflies dance in and out of the lighting up in the trees. As the day draws to a close, they prop open the bedroom window and let the waterfalls sing them to sleep.

Three Times the Beauty (Wiercioch)

Three-times is a charm when it comes to this property. Three water features emit three different sounds, depending on your vantage point. The smallest water feature is a whimsical, brass, mushroom fountain that appears as though it's standing in the gentle rain, while the two larger features actually capture the rain for irrigation purposes. A medium-sized pond sports a waterfall and stream that empties into a sub-surface, 1500 gallon rainwater harvesting system. The rain is captured and recirculated up and over the waterfalls. The final water feature is a 20'stream with a rock bridge connecting two staircases that spills into the same underground basin. Two patios are tucked near the medium pond overlooking the waterfalls and stream, while a third patio is nestled below. Aquatic and terrestrial plants soften the cool, hard edges of rock and birds and butterflies flock to the shore for refreshment. The homeowners enjoy reading a favorite novel or newspaper by the pond's edge. Cooler weather provides opportunity to crack a bedroom window and allow the waterfalls to sing them to sleep.

35-foot Waterfall and Stream with RainXchange® (Marth)

Trips to Hawaii left these homeowners feeling as though they were lacking something when they returned home ... mainly, water! They turned an eye to their landscape and started to concoct plans for their own backyard oasis. They yearned to capture rainwater for irrigation purposes and incorporated a 500 gallon RainXchange® rainwater harvesting system into their 35-foot waterfall and stream. The water cascades over a series of 4 waterfall drops before seeping into the sub-surface rainwater storage system. The rain is captured from a downspout off the garage roof and fed into the underground reservoir where it's pumped up and over the waterfall to filtrate further. The homeowners love all the critters that flock to their stream and incorporated a 3'x3' beach for the birds, although they admit the birds tend to flock wherever they please. A stone footbridge traverses the stream from one patio to the next. Waterfall lights make the view sparkle at night and the homeowners relish in relaxing by their water feature on into the evening.


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